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Institution Name: University of Hong Kong
Course Name: Air pollution control
Year Offered: Final Year Undergraduate
Instructor: Dr. Dennis Leung (ycleung@hku.hk)
Keywords: Air Quality and Pollution Control
Content: Particulate and aerosol abatement technology; gas absorption - plate and packed columns; adsorption for the removal of odours and trace gases; combustion fundamentals and abatement of volatile organic compounds using incineration techniques.
Syllabus: 1.Particulate & aerosol abatement technology (15 hours) Fluid-particle dynamics; terminal settling velocity; drag on particles under external force fields; mechanism of particle gas separation; design and operation of collection devices; theory of settling chamber, cyclone, fabric filter, electrostatic precipitator, wet collector in laminar and turbulent flow. 2.Gas absorption (5 hours) Mechanics of gas absorption; Henry's law; Application of plate columns; gas-liquid dispersions; operating limits; prediction of plate efficiency; application of packed columns; mass transfer efficiency; choice and design of equipment. 3.Gas adsorption (4 hours) Adsorption kinetics; regeneration theory of adsorption; types of adsorbent & adsorber; design of adsorber. 4.Combustion fundamentals (8 hours) Combustion terminology; chemical kinetics of homogenous reactions; general rate equations; types of fuels; combustion stoichiometry; principle of pollutants formation and control; NOx formation mechanism: thermal NOx, prompt NOx and fuel-NOx; calculation of pollutant concentration of combustion exhaust; concentration correction to O2 and CO2 references; pollutant abatement methodologies; design of combustion devices; heat of combustion; energy equations. 5.Incineration for control of VOC emissions (4 hours) Types of VOCs; flammability; incineration process; flares design; catalytic afterburners. 6.Optional topics (3 hours) This includes some important local and worldwide air pollution issues.

Lecture Notes
or Other Materials:
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