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Institution Name: Washington University in St. Louis
Course Name: Aerosol Science and Technology (EECE 518)
Year Offered: Graduate
Instructor: Pratim Biswas (pbiswas@seas.wustl.edu)
Keywords: Aerosol Science and Engineering; Air Quality and Pollution Control
Content: Fundamental properties of particulate systems - physics of aerosols, size distributions, mechanics and transport of particles: diffusion, inertia, external force fields. Visibility and light scattering. Aerosol dynamics - coagulation, nucleation, condensation. Applications to engineered systems: Nanoparticle synthesis, atmospheric aerosols, combustion aerosols, pharmaceutical aerosols.
Syllabus: Link: http://eec.seas.wustl.edu/Academics/Courses.asp?SchoolCode=E&DeptCode=E90&CourseNo=518

Lecture Notes
or Other Materials:
See following URL for interactive tutorials on Aerosol Science

Link: http://www.aerosols.wustl.edu/aaqrl/Courses/CYCOPCRESP/index.html

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