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Institution Name: Jawaharlal Nehru University
Course Name: Air Pollution Meterology (ES 637)
Year Offered: Graduate
Keywords: Air Quality and Pollution Control
Content: Meteorological fundamentals. Adiabatic diagram. Effects of meteorological parameters on transport and diffusion, pollutant concentration variation. Influence of topography on transport and diffusion. Equation of state and conversion of concentrations. Meteorological roses. Principles of turbulence and diffusion, introduction to turbulence and diffusion theory, the generalised Gaussian Diffusion equation, Atmospheric diffusion computations. Effective Stack height. Air pollution climatology. Interrelationship between meteorology and air pollution. Urban effects upon meteorological parameters. Atmospheric turbidity, Atmospheric Chemistry of air pollution. Natural removal processes in the atmosphere. Analysis of air quality cycles. Meteorological instruments and their exposures, applications of meteorology to air pollution potentials. Air pollution surveys. Site selection for a potential source, atmospheric pressure and urban diffusion experiments, meteorological models for urban areas. Sources of meteorological data.

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