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Institution Name: University of Hong Kong
Course Name: Wind Engineering
Year Offered: Graduate
Instructor: Dr. K.M. Lam, Dr. A.P. To. (kmlam@hkucc.hku.hk)
Keywords: Aerosol Science and Engineering; Air Quality and Pollution Control
Content: Statistical description of wind, parent and extreme wind data, wind profiles, wind effects on buildings and structures, wind pressures, quasi-steady approach, wind-induced vibration, dampers, codification of dynamic effects, wind effects on building ventilation, pedestrian-level wind environment, wind effects on pollutant dispersion, wind tunnel techniques.
Syllabus: 1.Statistical description of wind: 7.5 hours a.probability distribution, return period, b.parent and extreme distributions, c.turbulence intensities, scales and spectra, d.wind profiles, gust speeds, wind rose 2.Wind effects on building and structures: 5.0 hours a.wind pressures and loads, loading coefficients, b.quasi-steady equivalent-gust approach, c.bluff body aerodynamics 3.Wind-structure interaction: 7.5 hours a.structure dynamics, turbulence buffeting, b.aero elasticity, wind-induced vibration, dampers 4.Wind-tunnel techniques: 5.0 hours 5.Pedestrian-level wind environment 1.25 hours 6.Wind effects on building heating and ventilation 1.25 hour 7.Wind effects on pollutant dispersion 5.0 hours

Lecture Notes
or Other Materials:
1.E. Simi and R.H. Scanlon, Wind Effects on Structures 2.R.M. Ensley, W.H. Melbourne and B.J. Vickery, Architectural Aerodynamics 3.E.L. Houghton and N.B. Caruthers, Wind Forces on Buildings and Structures: and Introduction. 4.N.J. Cook, The Designer’s Guide to Wind Loading of Building Structures, Part I & Part II. 5.E.J. Plate, Engineering Meteorology

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