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Institution Name: University of Hong Kong
Course Name: Environmental impact assessment of engineering projects
Year Offered: Graduate
Instructor: Dr. A. Koenig, Dr. K.M. Lam, Prof. E.W.K. Au, Dr. K.K. Lau. (kalbert@hkucc.hku.hk, kmlam@hkucc.hku.hk, elvis_au@epd.gov.hk, npg_kk1@epd.gov.hk)
Keywords: Ecology and Ecosystems; Law and Policy; Air Quality and Pollution Control; Aquatic Processes and Water Quality
Content: Environmental impact assessment process; methodologies to assess environmental impacts on water, air, and land; environmental management; case studies, e.g. on transportation projects, environmental control facilities and reclamation works.
Syllabus: 1.General principles 5.0 hours Introduction; environmental protection legislation in Hong Kong; environmental impact assessment process; classification of impacts; assessment methodologies; natural and man-made environment of Hong Kong 2.Technical assessment of water pollution and its control 7.5 hours Sources, flow rates, and characteristics of wastewater; environmental impact of wastewater; wastewater treatment; sludge treatment and disposal; effluent disposal into natural waters and its modelling 3.Technical assessment of noise pollution and its control 3.75 hours Sources and characteristics of noise; environmental impact of noise; propagation of noise and its modelling; noise pollution control methods 4.Technical assessment of air pollution and its control 3.75 hours Sources, emissions, and characteristics of air pollutants incl. dust and odour; environmental impact of air pollutants; dispersion of air pollutants and its modelling; air pollution control methods 5.Technical assessment of solid waste and its control 2.5 hours Sources, types, and composition of wastes; environmental effects of solid waste; solid and hazardous waste management; remediation of contaminated land, construction waste management 6.Technical assessment of other impacts 2.5 hours Visual, landscape, social, health and ecological impacts 7.Environmental management 2.5 hours Environmental audit; environmental management system; environmental monitoring; environmental reporting 8.Case studies from Hong Kong 5.0 hours

Lecture Notes
or Other Materials:
1.Canter, L.W. (1995). Environmental impact assessment, 2nd ed. McGraw-Hill, New York. 2.Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance (Technical Memorandum) (1997). Environmental Protection Department, Hong Kong. 3.Environmental Guidelines for planning in Hong Kong (1994). Environmental Protection Department, Hong Kong. 4.Environment Hong Kong 1999 and earlier editions. Environmental Protection Department, Hong Kong Government. 5.Building a greener future - Environmental issues facing the construction industry: Occasional paper No. 49 (1991). Chartered Institute of Building, Englemere, UK. 6.Environmental Assessment: Planning and development guidance note (1991). The Planning and Development Division of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, London. 7.Petts, J. and Eduljee, G. (1994). Environmental impact assessment for waste treatment and disposal facilities. John Wiley, Chichester. 8.Standard handbook of environmental engineering (1990). Corbitt, R.A. (ed.). McGraw-Hill, New York. 9.Various Government documents on environmental protection legislation 10.Various environmental impact assessment reports

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