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Institution Name: University of Hong Kong
Course Name: Water & Air Quality: Concepts and Measurement
Year Offered: Third Year Undergraduate
Instructor: Dr. T. Zhang, Dr. D.Y.C. Leung (zhangt@hkucc.hku.hk, ycleung@hku.hk)
Keywords: Air Quality and Pollution Control; Aquatic Processes and Water Quality
Content: Water quality and pollution; standard methods of water and wastewater examination; air quality and air pollution control principles; measurement techniques in air pollution. To provide an understanding of the fundamental concepts of water and air quality evaluation and pollution assessment, analytical methods for water and wastewater examination, air quality measurements and control principles.
Syllabus: 1.Fundamental concepts in water quality and water pollution:6 hrs -hydrological cycle and water resources -water pollution -water quality parameters -water quality standards and effluent guidelines 2.Basic concepts from quantitative chemistry: 3 hrs 3.Principles and applications of water and wastewater analysis: 15 hrs -sampling -gravimetric methods: determination of solids -optical methods: colourimetry: ammonia nitrogen, phosphorus, colour turbidimetry: turbidity -chemical methods: acid-base reactions: pH, alkalinity complexation/precipitation reactions: chloride, sulphate redox reactions: dissolved oxygen, COD, TKN -electrochemical methods: potentiometry: specific ion electrodes, conductivity, voltammetry -biological methods: BOD, coliforms, algal productivity, aquatic toxicity -advanced instrumental methods: atomic absorption spectrophotometry: heavy metals chromatography: gases, VOC, pesticides 4.Air quality and air pollution control principles 7 hrs -types and sources of air pollutants -short-term and long-term air quality management -air pollution index -basic principles of air pollution control 5.Measurement techniques in air pollution 8 hrs -units of measurement and conversions -ambient air monitoring: philosophy and techniques -techniques, precautions and calculation methods for source pollutant sampling -indoor air quality: concept and measurement

Lecture Notes
or Other Materials:
1.Flagan R.C. and Seinfeld J.H. (1988) Fundamentals of Air Pollution Engineering, Prentice Hall. 2.Henry J.G. and Heinke G.W. (1989) Environmental Science and Engineering, Prentice Hall. 3.Sawyer C.N., McCarty P.L. and Parkin G.F. (1994) Chemistry for Environmental Engineering, 4th ed., McGraw-Hill. 4.Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Waste Water, 19th ed., American Public Health Association (1998). 5.Stern A.C. (1986) Air Pollution, Vol. 3, Academic Press.

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