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Institution Name: University of Hong Kong
Course Name: Sources and control of air pollution
Year Offered: Graduate
Instructor: Dr. Dennis Leung, Dr. C.H. Liu (ycleung@hku.hk, chliu@hku.hk)
Keywords: Air Quality and Pollution Control
Content: Basics of air pollution; Air pollution transports; Sources of air pollutants; Control of gaseous pollutants; Control of particulate matter; Atmospheric dispersion modeling
Syllabus: 1.Basics of air pollution (4 hours) Air pollution, air pollutants, air pollution index, air pollution legislation, regulations and policies, global air pollution, Effects of air pollution including health and psychology, ecology, materials, economics and visibility 2.Air pollution transports (3 hours) Composition of the atmosphere, Cycles of pollutants, Sources and sinks of pollutants, Carbon cycle, Sulphur cycle, Nitrogen cycles, Particulate cycle 3.Sources of air pollutants (3 hours) Natural and anthropogenic sources of air pollutants, Combustion, Formation of air pollutants, Control of pollutants in combustion systems 4.Control of gaseous pollutants (5 hours) Absorption, Adsorption, Condensation, Incineration, Biological control systems 5.Control of particulate matter (5 hours) Cyclones and inertial separators, Wet scrubbers, Electrostatic precipitators, Filters 6.Atmospheric dispersion modeling (6 hours) Simple dispersion models like box model and Gaussian plume, Pasquill-Gifford-Turner parameters, Plume rise including Holland’s and Brigg’s formulae

Lecture Notes
or Other Materials:
1.Chan A.T., Hedley A.J., Hills P.R. & Zhong J.H. The Air We Breathe: Air Pollution in Hong Kong; The University of Hong Kong, 2001. 2.Davis W.T. Air Pollution Engineering Manual; Air and Waste Management Association, 2000. 3.De Nevers N. Air Pollution Control Engineering; McGraw-Hill, 1995. 4.Heinsohn R.J. & Kabel R.L. Sources and Control of Air Pollution; Prentice Hall, 1999.

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