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Institution Name: Seoul National University
Course Name: Satellite Remote Sensing for Earth Environment
Year Offered: Final Year Undergraduate
Instructor: Byung-Ju Sohn (sohn@snu.ac.kr)
Keywords: Air Quality and Pollution Control; Water Resources; Others
Content: Entering into the space era in 21st century, we now able to observe earth's surface and atmosphere from space. In particular, satellite observations are the key to understand and monitor earth's environmental changes. In turn, the dependence of our daily life on the satellite measurements is unprecedently growing. In this class we focus on application of satellite in addition to learning of basic radiative transfer theory and application method.
Syllabus: Link: http://cns0.snu.ac.kr/eng/se07_ac/se07_ac_f/se07_ac_f01/se07_ac_f01.jsp

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