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Institution Name: Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Course Name: IITB ES 612 - Design of Air Pollution Control Systems
Year Offered: Graduate
Keywords: Law and Policy; Air Quality and Pollution Control
Syllabus: Industrial sources of air pollution; Emission factors, regulations, control strategies and policies. Particulate Pollutant Control : Settling chambers - laminar and turbulent flow; Filtration - interception; Impaction; Convective diffusion; Collection of particles by cylindrical fibres and granular beds; Electrostatic precipitation - field and diffusion charging; Electrical migration velocity; Cyclones - laminar and turbulent flow; Wet collectors; Efficiency and dimensions of particle control devices. Gaseous Pollutant Control : Gas absorption in tray and packed towers; Stage efficiency; Liquid/gas rates; Equilibrium number of stages/packed height; Absorption with/without chemical reaction; Removal of SO2; Adsorption in fixed beds; Breakthrough; Removal of HCs/VOCs; NOx removal from effluent streams; Wet scrubbers. Integrated air pollution control systems; Effect of process parameters on performance of control systems.

Link: http://www.cese.iitb.ac.in/acads/courseinfo?id=ES612

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