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Institution Name: Washington University in St. Louis
Course Name: Sustainable Air Quality (Env 449)
Year Offered: Final Year Undergraduate
Instructor: R.B. Husar (rhusar@me.wustl.edu)
Keywords: Energy; Air Quality and Pollution Control
Content: Introduction to sustainability and sustainable air quality. Systems science as an organizing principle for air quality management. Setting of air quality goals. Observing the status and trends. Establishing causal factors: energy use and chemical processing. Natural sources and variability. Corrective actions to reach air quality goals. Process design for emission reductions. A web-based class project will be conducted through the semester.
Syllabus: Link: http://capitawiki.wustl.edu/ME449-07/index.php/Syllabus

Lecture Notes
or Other Materials:
Link: http://capitawiki.wustl.edu/ME449-07/index.php/ME449_Sustainable_Air_Quality

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