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Institution Name: Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Course Name: IITB ES 623 - Air Pollution Fundamentals
Year Offered: Graduate
Keywords: Aerosol Science and Engineering; Air Quality and Pollution Control
Syllabus: Air Pollutants and their Effects : The air pollution system; Gases and aerosols; Atmospheric sources and sinks; Human health effects; Carcinogenic risk; Atmospheric visibility; Ambient and emission standards; Emission factors from industrial sources. Atmospheric Chemistry : Chemical equilibria and kinetics; Photo-dissociation and free radical reactions; Chemistry of precipitation, Acid rain. Aerosols : Transport behaviour - drag on a single particle; Free-molecular and continuum mechanics; Particle diffusivity; Particle migration under an external force field; Inertial behaviour - impaction to cylindrical fibers; Inertial impactors, isokinetic sampling; Convective diffusion - diffusion to cylinders; Single-fibre collection efficiency; Transition from diffudional to inertial deposition; Collision and coagulation; Gas-to-particle conversion - nucleation and condensation; Aerosol size distribution functions; Light scattering - visibility degradation; Opacity of stack emissions. Gaseous Pollutants : Vapour-liquid equilibria - two-component systems; Vapour- solid equilibria - adorsorption isotherms for typical gas-solid systems; Siffution - concentrations, velocities and mass fluxes; Fick s ;aw of diffusion; Diffusivities of gases and liquids; Interfacial mass- transfer - film and penetration theories; Mass-transfer co-efficients; Mass transfer to particles, drops and bubbles; Equilibrium stage operations - mass balances for stage processes; Equilibrium stage calculations for gas absorption.

Link: http://www.cese.iitb.ac.in/acads/courseinfo?id=ES623

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