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Institution Name: Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Course Name: IITB ES 600 - Environmental Science and Engineering
Year Offered: Final Year Undergraduate
Keywords: Energy; Ecology and Ecosystems; Law and Policy; Air Quality and Pollution Control; Aquatic Processes and Water Quality
Syllabus: Introduction to Environment Science and Engineering Nature and scope of environment problems; Ecosystem effects through bio-geochemical cycles; Local, regional and global environmental challenges Water Pollution Fundamentals and Control Strategies Water quality-physical and chemical characteristics, Drinking water standards; Effluent water quality requirements; Water and wastewater treatment processes-treatment train, physical, chemical and biological unit operations. Hazardous Chemicals, Hazardous Waste and Pollution Prevention Industrial sources and regulations; Toxicity measurement and risk assessment; Treatment and disposal methods; Pollution prevention approaches. Air Pollution Fundamentals and Control Strategies Air pollution - sources, classifications and regulations; Monitoring and prediction modeling of air pollutants. Atmospheric Aerosols: Aerosol concentration units, compositions, particle size distributions, health effects, deposition, transport properties : sedimentations, inertia, diffusion, interception, optical and electrical properties, control technologies. Gaseous Atmospheric Pollutants: Diffusion, mass transfer; vapor liquid equilibria, gas liquid operations, adsorption and control technologies. Environment Management and Sustainability Nexus between trade, environment, and development; Environment economics; Tools for sustainable management including ISO certification, environment audit, EIA and LCA; National and International policies, regulations and institutions.

Link: http://www.cese.iitb.ac.in/acads/courseinfo?id=ES600

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